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Other cheese fondues

Valais tomato fondue

In Switzerland, many cantons have a local cheese, in Valais, it is raclette cheese. In Valais, there are as many versions of raclette cheese as there are valleys, in fact it is even much more since almost every mountain pasture has its raclette cheese. The Valais version of the fondue thus uses raclette cheese.

Typically, the cheeses in this fondue are therefore half Gruyère, half raclette.

Of course, the drink is a dry white wine, preferably from Valais.

Tomato fondue can be eaten like a traditional fondue, with bread or small potatoes on a fondue fork, but more generally, the tomato fondue is ladled on a few small potatoes cut or crushed on a plate.

The recipe is therefore very similar to the traditional fondue, but the Fribourgeois Vacherin is replaced by the same amount of raclette cheese and of course tomatoes are added.

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Raclette cheese
Raclette cheese

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