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Other cheese fondues

Fribourg fondue

A specialty of the (Swiss) canton of Fribourg, the fribourg fondue contains only Fribourg vacherin.
Normally, only water is used to melt the cheese. Some heretics (including myself) use a mixture of half water, half dry white wine.
The fondue Fribourgeoise is eaten with small unpeeled potatoes or half bread, half potatoes.
The same pot as for the regular cheese fondue is used, but rather than an alcohol lamp, a candle is used for the lamp, because the Fribourgeoise fondue should never boil and is eaten lukewarm, at ~50°C .

As with the Gruyère/Vacherin fondue, here it is perhaps even more important to stir the mixture well with each dipping in the cheese.

Of course, the drink of preference is still dry white wine.

The Fribourgeois Vacherin comes in different degrees of maturation (affinage), but it seems to me preferable to avoid the more full-bodied, or you can also make a mixture of different maturations. However, outside Switzerland and even outside the canton of Fribourg, the choice is generally limited.

The recipe (for 4 people):

800 g of Fribourgeois Vacherin
2.5 dl of water (a little more if necessary)
350 to 400 g of small unpeeled potatoes
350 to 400 g of not too fresh bread
1 clove of garlic

Rub the fondue pot with a crushed garlic clove.
Put the cheese in the caquelon, cut into small cubes or grated (roughly).
Add the water, and heat slowly, stirring constantly. Make sure not to exceed 50°C.
If the mixture seems a bit thick, add another 0.5 dl of lukewarm water.
When the mixture is creamy and smooth, place it on the serving lamp and enjoy.

Vacherin fribourgeois
Vacherin fribourgeois

  • Vacherin fribourgeois
    Vacherin fribourgeois
     Vacherin fribourgeoisVacherin fribourgeois