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Evaluation of ready made cheese mixes

Many cheese shops in Switzerland sell their own mix of cheese for fondue. This is a new trend, started over the past 10 years or so (this is written in 2020). Some use their best cheese, others see this as a way to sell their lesser cheeses. The vast majority of these cheese mixes include the right amount of corn starch, so you do not have to worry about this. Just add garlic, wine and kirsch.

Excellent Good Edible Bad Revolting

Fondues cheese mixes
Fromagerie Baulmes Switzerland
Packed in a plain white paper bag or vacuum packed
Absolutely the best fondue I have ever tasted. A perfect blend of the best cheeses.
Fromagerie André Switzerland
Vaccum packed
Excellent mix, nearly as good as the one above.
Laiterie Moderne (also in supermarkets) Switzerland
Sealed packaging
An excellent mix, created by the late Philippe Rochat, three-star Michelin Chef.
Laiterie Alpina "L'authentique" (also in supermarkets) Switzerland
Sealed packaging
A mixture of good cheeses, but our 600 g package recommended 1.8 dl of liquid, a mixture of wine and water, which is a heresy, and totally insufficient (2.5 to 2.7 dl of wine would be the right amount). Another problem is that the starch (in this case potato starch) is included, but there is far too much of it, the fondue has a viscous texture and you can taste the starch in the fondue.

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